Welcome to animalrights.info | The Online Database of Arguments in Defence of Animal Rights!

Animal rights is the idea that animals are, in principle, our moral, political and legal equals: not only are they entitled to protection for their own sake, but they deserve this protection in the same sense as humans. Consequently, the idea of animal rights fundamentally challenges a wide range of currently accepted human practices affecting animals.

This website is dedicated to establishing and promoting the idea of animal rights by way of rational argumentation. Rational argumentation is called for in discussions with sceptics regarding the idea of animal rights. As its centrepiece, this website therefore provides a collection of sound rebuttals of and counter arguments to some of the most common sceptical arguments put forward against animal rights and in defence of customary practices of animal use. In the future, this collection will be supplemented with more general information about animal rights.

For further information About the idea behind this website, the term Animal Rights, and the types of Arguments featuring animals, please refer to the corresponding menu items. For the collection of sceptical arguments and their rebuttals, please select Countering Standard Objections. This collection will be expanded and complemented on a regular basis. To stay in the loop, please subscribe to the Newsletter or check back to this website.


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