The counterarguments and rebuttals provided on this website presuppose neither a specific position within the animal rights camp, nor any particular philosophical, political or ideological point of view. The idea behind this approach is to make the arguments propounded here intelligible and convincing to as wide an audience as possible. And this is, after all, crucial for the endeavour of promoting the idea of animal rights and creating a better world for animals.

In accordance with that rationale, this website is not only designed for animal rights advocates who wish to improve and expand their argumentative resources. In fact, it also particularly strives to attract people who are not yet familiar with the idea of animal rights, inviting them to join this important conversation.

The collection of arguments and rebuttals featured on this website makes no claim of being exhaustive or complete. Nor does it claim originality as some of these arguments have, in one form or another, already been propounded elsewhere. What is original about this website, however, is the way it collects, organises and systematises the various arguments and rebuttals – and what hopefully sets it apart from many other similar projects is the way it strives to achieve as comprehensive and objective an analysis of these arguments as possible.

Argumentation – especially in the moral arena – is an open-ended, potentially interminable process. Therefore, you are invited to make constructive contributions in the form of comments, amendments and critique. To this end, please make use of the commentary function. Please note that all comments have to be approved prior to being published.

This website is run by Jens Tuider, a doctoral candidate in philosophy with specialisation in animal ethics at the University of Mannheim, Germany. He is also the Translations Coordinator of Melanie Joy’s organisation Beyond Carnism as well as member of the board and the organising committee of Interdisziplinäre Arbeitsgemeinschaft Tierethik (IAT), an interdisciplinary working group on animal ethics at the Ruprecht-Karls University Heidelberg, Germany. Jens is campaigning for animal rights by giving presentations and workshops at national and international events such as the Minding Animals Conference (Utrecht, The Netherlands), the Internationl Animal Rights Conference (Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg) or the Tierrechtskongress (Vienna, Austria).

Should you wish to get in touch, please send an email to jtuider [at] gmx.net

I would particularly like to thank Dr Paul Kail for his trust in my work and his infinite patience as well as Lars Ender for his invaluable technical assistance.


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